Jalaine’s Story


Hi! I am Jalaine Poirer, and I am immensely grateful to be so much more than a breast cancer survivor! I am also officially in remission from my autoimmune disorder, Lyme disease, lupus, severe osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis, all conditions that significantly impacted my life for years. If all that weren’t great enough, my spinal fracture has healed, and I am completely CANCER FREE!

That’s why it is so important for me to pay it forward and be a shining light to others. It is my goal to help women and men along their life “JOURNEYS” toward health and wellness by sharing experiences from my own personal journey.

I am a “SURVIVOR” because of a lot of “PRAYERS” and “CHOICES” I have made in my “JOURNEY” along the yellow brick road of life towards the celestial city, my heavenly home. I actually remember one year my chronic health conditions had gotten so bad I told my husband this would be my last.

I am, by nature and circumstance, a caregiver. I routinely cared for my elderly parents and my husband, another cancer survivor. I’ve always done whatever was necessary to take care of others, but taking care of my own health conditions always came second. That is, until I experienced a rude awakening.

Because I was so busy caring for my parents and my husband, all of whom were hospitalized at the same time at one point, I did not schedule my mammogram as promptly as I should have. That was a huge mistake.

The results of the mammogram were suspicious and required several biopsies, all of which were malignant. I remember consuming a cocktail of medications for all of my health issues, and I endured multiple surgeries, the final of which was a bilateral mastectomy.

From my hospital bed I contacted a dear friend to meet with me the day I returned home from the hospital. I knew she was experiencing exceptional health benefits from Juice Plus products and hydroponic garden towers, and I wanted to learn more. I immediately jumped into this holistic opportunity, and I am winning!

It was then that I made the life-altering “CHOICE” to discontinue my prior healthcare regiment of medication cocktails and move toward a healthier, drug-free routine as I recovered. My doctor did not support my decision, but it was not his quality of life on the line! He did agree to monitor my progress, but he would always be standing-by, ready to resume medicating me when my holistic efforts failed.

As previously stated, I am CANCER FREE, I am in remission from conditions that plagued me, my rheumatoid arthritis levels have vastly improved, my bone scans show only osteopenia – a miracle in and of itself – and the best part is, I take no medications!

Thanks to the power of prayer, Juice Plus capsules that contain 30 whole fruits, vegetables and berries, and the hydroponic garden tower that bears an abundance of organic, NON-GMO foods, my body is healing itself from the inside out.

I couldn’t be more grateful for my health transformation, as well as that of my husband. My “CHOICE” to revolutionize my health naturally has positively impacted my life and my “JOURNEY.”  I finally realized I had the power to heal all the time.All I had to do was click my ruby heels together and repeat:

“There’s nothing else like Juice Plus.”

Whether you are in pain, plagued with “CHOICES” from cancer or other nasty diseases, or you’re totally healthy, whole foods are what our bodies need, and Juice Plus delivers!

I want to be a light for your journey. I encourage you to join Lucien and me in our Freedom Revolution “JOURNEY” and make simple dietary changes that will revolutionize your level of health!

Will you make the “CHOICE” to join us?